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What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO, or search engine optimization, refers to the process of optimizing a website to rank as highly as possible for certain keywords within a search engine. By far, the most commonly used search engine is Google. You’ve probably searched for something on Google before. After you typed what you were looking for in the search bar, the first few results (excluding paid advertisements) were the websites that ranked highest in Google’s algorithm. The majority of us choose to do a Google search when seeking a product or service online. After hitting enter, most of us find what we’re looking for on the first or second page of results. If your business is not on the first page of results, you are probably only receiving a very small proportion of the web traffic you could see if you were ranked higher.

Because of the the way AGI has optimized our website in online searches, we are the FIRST company in our industry that people see. This has generated a lot more customers for us!

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Can I Manage My Own SEO?

As a business owner in El Paso, it’s ideal that your business would be one of the first to show on a Google search for a number of keywords relating to your company. The process to getting there, however, is easier said than done. Often, there isn’t a one-size-fits all approach to SEO. There are several factors that we know contribute to higher search engine rankings, and those factors require a variety of strategies behind the scenes. Without familiarity with current practices, it’s quite a challenge to stay on top of internet marketing. In many ways, managing SEO is it’s own ongoing task. In fact, rankings can change from one day to the next. At AGI, we analyze every aspect of SEO from social media engagement to web traffic to site optimization. Search engine optimization specialists are well-versed in the many ways to improve web rankings and they dedicate time to making sure your company is consistently on the first page of search results.

Is There a “Right Way” to Do SEO?

As you can imagine, proper search engine optimization takes a good amount of time and effort. Many people try to take shortcuts by deceiving the search engine itself. Sometimes these people create sites that show separate content to search engines than actual people. These practices are called black hat SEO practices and are considered unethical because they violate terms of service laid out by the search engine. Some specific black-hat practices include displaying “invisible” content, paying for links, and keyword stuffing. Usually, Google and other search engines catch on to these red flags. When they do, they demote the website and penalize the account owner.

In contrast, SEO practices that abide by search engine guidelines are often referred to as white hat SEO. Digital marketing specialists should commit to an ethical code of conduct and only use white hat methods. As a Google Partner in El Paso, AGI Marketing always uses approved and proven strategies to bolster our clients’ online presence. We utilize a strong strategic approach in order to leverage the internet in your favor. Allow us to show you what a strong internet presence can do for your business! Contact us today for more information.

I have gained more customers since using AGI’s services. More people are finding us online. The staff at AGI is quick to respond to my needs as they arise, very professional and courteous. They keep my website up-to-date with the information I provide to upload.

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