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The Digital Word of Mouth: How Bad Reviews Break Your HVAC Business

Impressions affect people’s decision making in subtle and less overt ways than we might think. In fact, people’s decisions—particularly when it comes to doing business— are highly impacted by impressions and instinctual reactions. In the digital world, these impressions are largely informed and constructed through the digital word of mouth: your online presence, reputation, and […]

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How Online Reputation Management Can Help You

How Follow-up Conversations Can Boost Online Reputation Not surprisingly, customer reviews on a business or their product can have a dramatic effect on the rise or fall of sales. This creates a special need for excellent marketing agencies like AGI Marketing Solutions to offer their clients online reputation management, especially when having suffered an impact […]

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Marketing in El Paso

In today’s world of Facebook and Twitter, it seems like everyone is connected at a click of a button. The minute a piece of information is typed in these social media websites, it can be read, shared, liked and retweeted hundreds of times in a matter of seconds. But social media just isn’t for our […]

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Google Announces the Release of “Hummingbird”

As progression of the internet usage continues to grow, Google has released a new update called Hummingbird. It was released one month ago and has affected 90 percent of Google’s searches. This is being announced as the largest update Google has released in about twelve years. Many are worried that their SEO efforts will be […]

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Marketing Plan El Paso

In order for businesses to survive the online marketing world,  there has to be a marketing plan involved. Statistics show that 78.6% of North America are using the internet. It is important that you and your business are in tune with what is capturing people’s attention. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. are the new  “word […]

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Online Reputation Management: Its Importance AGI Marketing Solutions El Paso, Tx

There is a new and upcoming buzzword in the SEO industry – Online reputation management. Unlike the other marketing services such as email marketing, article marketing, search engine optimization, and social media optimization, online management of reputation involves tending to the damage caused by some online marketing campaign that has the ability to reach a […]

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